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Labor Day 2020 Studio Sale Limited Special Offer

With every 8" x 10" or larger painting you purchase before Tuesday, September 8, 2020 you will get a bonus pair of original art printed blank greeting cards AND free shipping. Purchase your oil painting now before this offer ends. Thanks!

Labor Day Painting Sale 2020

A real advantage to having so much studio time when its hot and smoky outside results in studio projects! I've done a little straightening and organizing in my studio, and you are the one who benefits from my cleaning spree!


Instead of participating in the NFVCC's Art & Ag Studio Tour this year, I am having an online oil painting sale. Welcome to the big, fantastic sale! All these beautiful gems are reduced up to 25% off. Shipping to the continuous US is free.

Many of my oil paintings that are on sale are studies, preliminary paintings, or older works. Most are sold unframed. Some have simple frames on them, especially the smaller paintings. They have already been on view in galleries, or were never chosen to go in the first place. I have to do something with them or rent a storage unit! That's where you come in. You can take advantage of the sale prices and get a great deal on one of my original oil paintings.

During this time of social distancing and being safe from Covid 19, I invite you to take part in this great Labor Day 2020 Sale of a selected group of my fine art oil paintings. Payments are gladly accepted in checks or PayPal. Please contact me for further dialog at notjuniper@gmail.com or 970-261-0834. 

Please hover over the image for its name. Click on the image for a full screen image with details. Thanks!


6" x 6" & 5" x 7", oil paintings, framed, $60

I know sometimes people think if they buy a sale painting it will lower the value of a full price painting they already own of mine. It doesn’t, in fact, collecting an artists' studies and sketches as well as their more completed masterworks, actually increases the value of your collection.

6" x 8" Oil Paintings, framed unless otherwise noted, $75

Some of you are asking “What happens to your paintings that are left after your sale?” Most of them are painted over, some are stored away in obscurity and a few are destroyed. I never give away paintings, that isn’t fair to anyone who is representing my work at a gallery, art center or other venue. A couple paintings have been traded to artist friends for their work. And of course, I have given my mother a couple paintings.

8" x 8" Oil Paintings, $100, unframed, unless noted

8" x 10" Oil Paintings, $105, unframed, unless noted

9' x 12", Oil paintings, unframed, $170 unless noted

11" x 14" Oil Paintings, $225, unframed unless noted

8" x 16" Oil Painting, $180, unframed

12" x 16" Oil Paintings, $270, unframed

14" x 18" Oil Paintings, $350, unframed

16" x 20" Oil Paintings, $480 unframed

18" x 24" Oil Paintings, $625, unframed

24" x 36" Oil Painting, $900, unfamed

Cedar Keshet accepts checks and PayPal at notjuniper@gmail.com

Call or text her at 970-261-0834 or email above with any inquiries.Thanks!

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